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Designing, respectively, the engineering of a contract is particularly successful in plant orders. It serves both the planning department as the consistent support and work is usually your degree in the mill test.
In that context, the collection of project-specific data for a successful project management is essential. We help you analyze the situation on the ground to define with you the goals of your project and devise a solution. On this subject, inventory and condition analysis are followed by asset valuation and the preparation of technical (or other) records / documentation of the collected data. In addition, the projected data are analyzed for their consistency and technical accuracy and if necessary changed.
In particular, because of our interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering arise occasionally synergy benefits.

In this context, we provide some technical support (basic engineering and detail engineering)

  • for complex interdisciplinary problems
  • in the form of comprehensive planning / design / services
  • in the form of technical drawings (mechanical / electrical) in 2D and 3D, assembly / pipeline plans, run isometric


  • the creation of:
    • tender texts
    • dimensioned drawings and production drawings
    • data sheets and parts lists
    • operation and maintenance manuals
    • documentation
    • spare part lists
  • in the design and selection of materials, fittings, assemblies
  • for electrical network calculations respectively short-circuit current calculations

Our contact for you:
Horst Leidigkeit
Cengiz Danaci

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