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Adsorption Chiller

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If you have industrial excess heat,
you can produce cooling power from it!

Cheap - Eco friendly - Compact - Quiet - Low Maintenance

As a system partner of  Sortech, we integrate for you adsorption chillers into your waste heat process and produce clean and cheap cooling power from it: Turn Key!

Heat sources can be Solar power or excess heat of Milling center, Motors, Compressors, Diesel engines...
If you have a waste heat source available you can produce up to 30W of cooling power from 1 W of electrical auxiliary power.

Industrial eCoo adsorption chillers from Sortech are available from 12kW cooling power and scalable (12, 24, 36KW…)

Our contact for you:
Horst Leidigkeit

Last Updated on Friday, 28 July 2017 07:58