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Industrial and machine cooling

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Industrial and machine cooling
In industry, a technology-specific system thermal energy loss, respectively heat is removed in order to protect the relevant technical components from overheating. This process must be reliable and above all economically run. The design of the individual components and the consideration of the optimal interaction among those that determine both the efficiency of a system like other technical characteristics, for example regarding Optimized process and control engineering.
As a system supplier to flow all o.g. Factors in the analysis / design of our cooling one. Depending on customer requirements, we offer specific cooling concepts:

1.) Cooling with air
Ambient air is used, using a water / air heat exchanger for cooling.

2.) Cooling with water
Customer 's water (industrial water) can be used with the aid of a water / water heat exchanger.

In many industrial processes, a conventional cooling with air or water is not sufficient or not technically feasible. The technical solutions in these cases include:

3.) Coling with adsorption cooling
As a cooperation partner of the firm Sortech AG we use an adsorption cooling especially in industrial applications.

4.) Cooling with a compression refrigeration system
With an active cooling system as a cooler, the heat exchanger in a refrigerant chiller evaporators. This can be independent of the ambient cooling medium temperatures reach -10°C to +20°C.

For all cooling type is equally represented, that they agreed with the hydraulic components, and a ready made-in refrigeration system. Without loss of refrigerant fluid to a cooling circuit is realized. In the main advantage of a cooling water chiller is located next to the gentle water feature is available for that application to be cooled more consistent conditions (which may occur temperature, pressure, etc.) and no lingering effect of cooling by a constant flow of fresh water precipitating minerals.

A combination of the presented cooling techniques is quite possible and useful in specific applications.

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